Gov’t urged to support salt farmers’ iodization efforts

A farmers’ group on Friday urged the government to provide more support for the country’s small salt farmers as some salt producers have already gone out of their way to upgrade their technology for iodization.

In a television interview, Philippine Association of Salt Industry Networks president Gerard Khonghun said that some small salt producers could not catch up to changes in the industry.

“It’s not just technology or equipment or training; it also involves some changes in distribution,” Khonghun said.

“Since it costs more you would have to have the consumer want to buy more expensive salt so that they could get proper iodine in their salt,” he explained.

“I think this is where we need more support for the small salt farmers,” he added.

Establishment of cooperatives
Khonghun said that there had been talks about the establishment of cooperatives that would assist producers unable to iodize their salt. Unfortunately, he said this did not materialize.

He said he believes that salt farmers should take the initiative if they want to create cooperatives.

“I think we can do better this time around,” he said.

“They need to see the benefits of iodization not just for the public but also for their own business. More incentives in this area, and I think more direct assistance are called for,” Khonghun said.


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