Temporary tariffs retained on chicken, turkey meat

(Photo from Unsplash)

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has signed Executive Order No. 13 retaining the temporary modification of import duty rates on mechanically deboned meat of chicken and turkey.

In a statement early Friday morning, Presidential Communications Office Secretary Cheloy Garafil said the President signed the EO on 13 January 2023 to retain the temporary five-percent tariff rates on MDM poultry until 31 December 2024.

The EO aims “to ensure the continued supply of essential food products at affordable prices, diversity the country’s market sources, and help businesses recover and sustain their operations.”

The order noted that the Covid-19 crisis “as well as other factors affecting the country’s traditional sources of mechanically deboned meat of chicken and turkey cause uncertainty in the steady supply of said commodities.”

“The high inflation prompted by supply constraints, expected shortage in the global supply, and rise in international commodity prices present economic and trade implications to the country and the Filipino people,” the EO read.

Processed meat products are popular among most low-income households, particularly since mechanically deboned meat is a vital component for the manufacture of hot dogs and canned luncheon meat.


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