Phl well governed, say world leaders


For former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, international leaders present at the 2023 World Economic Forum recognized that the Philippines is “well-governed” and has “positively” managed the Covid-19 crisis.

In an interview with the Presidential Communications Office on Thursday, Arroyo said based on her observations, the Philippine government’s initiatives are well-received by international leaders like former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair.

“First of all, their reaction to our Covid response was positive. And secondly, they recognize that the Philippines is well-governed,” said Arroyo, who joined the Philippine delegation to WEF.

“In fact, historically, our country has a track record of good economic managers, regardless of who the President is.”

This means the Philippine economy is running stable in the eyes of world leaders, she added.

“In one sentence, the Philippines is an excellent investment destination. We will welcome you,” she said.

Arroyo also vouched that Marcos has been well-received by WEF delegates in Davos, citing his “intelligence and articulateness.”

The President’s educational background, she added, helped him connect better with the international delegation in attendance.

“He (Marcos) is western educated, and he is intelligent and he is articulate. To put it in English, he speaks their language,” she said.

“The President knows that in the development of our country, the integration of the government and the private sector is very important.”

The former chief executive emphasized the importance of the President’s attendance at WEF, stressing that the event gathers “political and business influencers” around the world.

“The private sector’s belief in our President is strong and firm,” she said.

Arroyo called on the public to be supportive of what the President has been doing for the Philippines such as his attendance at the WEF.

“We, fellow Filipinos, let’s be proud of what our President is doing to generate employment in the country,” she said
Arroyo is currently serving as deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, representing the Pampanga province.

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