Labor unions seek favorable ILO mission results

Various labor groups in the country are looking forward to the High Level Tripartite Mission of the International Labor Organization scheduled from 24 to 27 January, expecting favorable results that could lead to more pro-labor measures and legislation in the country.

Representatives from the ILO will be coming to the Philippines to look into the implementation of labor standards in the country, including investigations into acts against workers and labor unions that violate the country’s commitment to ILO Convention 87, or the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention.

Members of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines led by House Deputy Speaker Representative Raymond Mendoza met with Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin to discuss the upcoming ILO mission, urging the government to utilize the results of the mission to improve the implementation of labor rights and welfare for workers.

“TUCP trusts that the President views this as an opportunity to signal to all that the next six years will lead us to a far more decent and equitable society where trade unionism and labor rights and human rights will be given genuine importance and primacy by the government,” the TUCP said.


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