The fast and the furious

To quickly respond to crimes and emergencies, Dubai’s police force uses Ferraris and Lamborghinis as patrol cars.

Criminals will have to think twice about doing their dastardly deeds as escaping arrest would be hard. Emirati cops driving these racing cars can outrun them in a high-speed chase.

Italy’s police force also has a Lamborghini in its patrol car fleet and recently demonstrated the reliability of the superfast automobile in responding to emergencies.

A Huracan model of the famous Italian car, which has a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour, sped from Padua in Italy’s northeast to Modena and then Rome last month, Agence France-Presse reported.

The car donated in 2017 by its manufacturer and assigned to highway patrol in Bologna, northern Italy, was used in a special mission outside of normal police operations. It rushed a medical cool box containing two human kidneys to separate hospitals hundreds of kilometers apart, according to AFP. The donated organs arrived on time for life-saving transplantation unto two different patients.

If Lamborghinis are the epitome of speed driving, another sports car mirrors its destructive nature.

Several videos published on social media showed a white car ramming through a Shanghai hotel’s doors, driving wildly around its lobby and knocking over anything in its path last week, AFP reported.

The convertible, with its top up, then hurtled haphazardly around the entrance hall, shocking and confusing hotel guests and workers before crashing again into another set of doors. It headed for the exit, only to slam into a door frame and come to a stop, according to AFP.

The driver whom police identified as a 28-year-old man named Chen was arrested and detained after the hotel rampage.

Police said Chen got angry after a dispute with hotel staff over the loss of his laptop during his stay in the hotel. Hotel staff told AFP the laptop had been stolen and was found outside the hotel.


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