Alice Eduardo honors Chris Badiola

A birthday dinner was hosted by Alice Eduardo for longtime friend,  Christopher Badiola, a gregarious gentleman loved by many friends.

Sumptuous food provided by Chef Jessie tasted even more delicious since they were served in elegant Flora Danica service collection that Alice bought in Denmark in one of her travels.

It was not surprising that there was so much laughter that night, which was a reflection of Christopher’s belief that life must be enjoyed to the fullest in the company of friends. Where his friends are concerned, says Christopher, “Quality matters more than quantity. So I may not have too many friends but the ones I have are truly dearest to me.  To me, a birthday celebration doubles as a thanksgiving affair to honor my friends who have been my constant company.”

But other than the great company. Alice’s splendid home too elicited praises. The grand facade and entry of this home make you feel like you are in a Dubai mansion or the Four Seasons Hotel, its extensive collection of the works of National Artists a feast for the senses.

Alice is a successful businesswoman and a most admired philanthropist who has generously contributed to the uplift of the lives of her fellow Filipinos through medical care, housing, children’s nutrition, youth education, sports development and livelihood assistance.

Thank you, Alice, for the elegant evening in your stunning home. Happy birthday, my good friend and favorite “life of the party,” dearest Chris! Cheers!

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