Japan nuclear waste dumping opposed

Japan on Friday said the contentious nuclear waste from the Fukushima nuclear plant will be released into the sea in the coming spring or summer.

The announcement came two years after the Japanese government had announced plans to dump the nuclear waste from the crippled nuclear plant despite international criticism against the move.

Japan unveiled the plan in April 2021, triggering massive criticism from China, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, and international bodies including the UN.

The US, however, has backed the proposal, which came after years of talks on how to get rid of more than one million tons of water accumulated at the Fukushima nuclear complex since its meltdown after a massive March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The local fishing community also opposes the move.

Hirokazu Matsuno, Japanese government chief cabinet secretary, told a meeting in Tokyo: “We would like to thoroughly explain these measures to fishing communities and other relevant parties while listening to their concerns.”

A revised plan for the release of nuclear waste will see local fishermen receiving more than USD600 million in funds.

Seoul has urged Tokyo to “safely dispose of the water in accordance with international standards from the objective and scientific perspectives.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency also conducted safety surveys of the Japanese government’s plans.

“The IAEA will issue a comprehensive report based on their findings and provide support before, during and after the discharge,” Kyodo News reported.

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