Grab Phl still overcharging passengers — solon

Marikina Second District Representative Stella Luz Quimbo lambasted the Philippine Competition Commission for failing to inform lawmakers of Grab Philippines’ continued fare increases despite being slapped with fines by the PCC for overcharging.

During the hearing of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, Quimbo asked the PCC whether Grab is fulfilling its voluntary commitments regarding not overcharging passengers.

PCC division chief for Notification Division Mergers and Acquisition Atty. Juan Antonio Arcilla admitted that Grab continued to increase their fares even after Grab’s voluntary commitment not to overcharge.

Quimbo asked, “Can the PCC confirm that the reason why the number one voluntary commitment of Grab has to do with overcharging is because shortly after the acquisition of Uber by Grab, there was increase in prices in that period after that acquisition?”

Arcilla replied, “Yes, that’s correct. That’s one of the dangers that the PCC is trying to manage.”

Quimbo, who used to Chair the PCC, was also disappointed to find out that the PCC was waiting for Grab to show compliance regarding their 2018 voluntary commitments when in fact, it should be the PCC’s mandate.

Meanwhile, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner Ronald Gustilo said he has written several letters to Grab regarding overpricing and overcharging its passengers. Gustilo said this is one of the reasons why his group is opposing the acquisition of Move It by Grab.

Quimbo asked the PCC to continuously monitor Grab’s fulfillment of its commitments especially on overcharging.

The lawmaker from Marikina also asked the commission to watch out for Grab’s potential dominance in the motorcycle taxi industry after the Move It acquisition.

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