Instant solution to thinning hair

The seas is present in all of Eksperience™ products and the Exquisite Purifying Cream is not an exception as it has its origin in Thalassotherapy, which involves the use of seawater and other marine ingredients, owing to their abundant properties, as a form of therapy.

At the heart of the formula is Aquamaris Complex, an exclusive blend of pure seawater and marine ingredients. Science is behind this formula with Kaolin & Coconut shell powder to deep cleanse and detoxify by effectively removing scalp and hair impurities, leaving it purified, renewed and primed for subsequent treatments.

Awaken the senses with its exquisite and delicately creamy texture, inspired by the latest skincare products, that melts upon massaging for a unique moment of wellbeing.
Eksperience™ newly-crafted beauty rituals.

This outstanding purifying cream is a must that should be added to your in-salon rituals, and without a doubt, we also suggest you recommend it to your clients so they can add it as the first step to their at-home routine once a week.

The enriched and exquisite cream can be used as a primer on any type of hair and scalp, and it boosts a comforting, remineralizing, revitalizing and antioxidant action. Its formula is vegan and enriched with Aquamaris Complex as well as other ingredients, it helps to deeply detoxify the scalp and get that in-salon feel from home.

The purifying cream leaves scalp renewed as it helps to unclog pores for an optimal scalp condition, its action also extends to hair, purifying and removing impurities while protecting the cuticle. Take your professional Ekspertise to the next level with our new pampering and relaxing hair and scalp ritual.

A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. Offer your clients a moment to pamper themselves and disconnect with the new Exquisite Purifying Cream from the Eksperience™ line. A versatile product that is suitable for all hair and scalp types to help detoxify and prepare for a sensorial Eksperience™ where sea, science and senses are all involved.

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