House probing faulty automated toll booths

Partylist Rep. Jeffrey Soriano has expressed dismay over reports alleging that the radiofrequency identification or RFID collection system being used at South Luzon Expressway has been faulty.

Soriano said heavy vehicular traffic approaching the SLEX toll booths had been reported due to the RFID scanners that cannot read their load strips.

“It has caused traffic build-up —- the invalid reading at ETC lanes. They had to opt for manual scanning of RFID cards very early in the morning. This has been what motorists had to confront,” he said.

The lawmaker said tollway operators should ensure that the RFID system in use does not inconvenience motorists since the automated toll booths had been touted to provide them ease of travel.

“Motorists have followed their instructions to always load their accounts so as not to cause problems, but what has happened?” he asked.

Other automated toll booths in use in Metro Manila had also been the subject of numerous complaints for “disappearing loads” and unreadable cards and strips.

“Time is money. Many essential things are affected when there is a traffic buildup. Let’s not normalize this,” he said.

Soriano said he has filed House Resolution 485 urging the transport panel to conduct an inquiry on the automated toll booth complaints.

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