Easy tips for staying healthy on a busy schedule

Photograph courtesy of Santé Barley Jane De Leon keeps her body healthy with 200g Santé Barley Powder with Stevia.

Working conditions are becoming too taxing and often cannot be avoided. While you strive to be at your best, you should not forget to supply your body with what it needs.

TV personality Jane de Leon, a sought-after young actress and brand ambassador of Santé Barley, knows this all too well. She shares how easy lifestyle changes can impact how healthy she can hope to be.

“As an actress, I do a lot of lock-in taping. There are also some scenes where I must exert a lot of energy and effort, which can be taxing for my body. That is why the 200g Santé Barley Powder with Stevia can help me improve my health and performance despite my busy schedule. I also made some little lifestyle changes that do not take a lot of time, so I can continue giving my best in every character I play,” said De Leon.

Here are some tips that you can apply to keep your body healthy despite having a busy schedule:

Add healthy drinks to your meals
Sometimes, it is nice to end your meal by drinking sweet beverages such as soft drinks, milkshakes, milk tea, and more. While these may be tasty, their high sugar content is definitely bad for the body.
If a sweet drink is your guilty pleasure, it is time to switch to 200g Santé Barley Powder with Stevia, which contains certified organic barley grass by BioGro, New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products that promote the highest levels of organic quality. Since it is sweetened using stevia, an alternative sweetener made from stevia plant leaves, it is guaranteed to be delicious without containing carbohydrates, calories, or any artificial ingredients.

For best results, you can serve it by mixing one heaping scoop or teaspoon into one glass (approximately 250mL) of water. Stir well and consume immediately. It is best to drink a glass daily before meals or as prescribed by a physician.

With these, you can still enjoy your sweet drink without worrying about the repercussions that it can do on your health. You will also have a boost of energy and a healthier mind and body to face every task you need to accomplish.

Consider a meal prep
Due to your busy schedule, there are times you will forget to eat on time. Remember, no matter how busy you can get, it is essential to have a complete meal because your body gets the energy from the food you eat.

Meal prepping is the concept of making your meals ahead of time. This is perfect for busy people because it saves you a lot of time, and you can customize your food according to your diet. With the help of meal prep, you will have a complete meal without relying on takeout or fast food.

Get a good night’s sleep

A busy schedule can sometimes cause you to forgo sleep and rest. If this keeps happening, you are at risk of developing illnesses like strokes, obesity, depression, and more.

Moreover, getting a good night’s sleep will hinder you from performing best at your work. It makes you less alert and can adversely impact your work. A good night’s sleep allows you to perform at your best.

When work is done, make it a point to sleep. Tune out of social media and avoid drinking coffee in the middle of the day. Lastly, don’t feel guilty about getting your beauty rest; prioritize it every day.

On top of that, the 200g Santé Barley Powder with Stevia also promotes sleep because it contains GABA or γ-Aminobutyric acid that activates the GABAA receptors, which favors sleep. A glass of 200g Santé Barley Powder with Stevia daily will help you decrease sleep latency.

In this hustle culture, it may seem impossible to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, staying healthy while you deal with work doesn’t have to be hard. A little lifestyle change goes a long way.

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