Mandaluyong adopting DILG narc bluebook

Photograph COURTESY OF PAT SANTOS MANDALUYONG Mayor Benjamin Abalos lays down the thrust of his anti-drugs campaign Monday, saying it will be aligned with the national government’s demand-side intervention.

Mandaluyong Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr. has ordered the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council to adopt a more compassionate approach to easing drug dependency based on a program crafted by the Department of the Interior and Local Government under the Marcos administration.

The DILG, under Secretary Benhur Abalos, the Mandaluyong mayor’s son, has a so-called new bluebook on curbing the illegal drugs trade by constricting demand nationwide.

Under the Duterte administration, emphasis had been on throttling the narcotics supply chain through the application of an iron fist on traffickers and even on pushers.

Mayor Abalos stressed that the city will focus on rehabilitation and pushing drug dependents back to their families, through the provision of skills training and livelihood assistance.

During Monday’s flag-raising ceremony at city hall, Abalos presented around 40 former drug dependents now living normal, productive lives as members of the community.

He said he has talked with his son, Secretary Abalos, on implementing the flagship
anti-drug project of the Marcos administration dubbed BIDA for Buhay Ingatan, Droga ay Ayawan.

BIDA is the counterpart of the Duterte government’s Oplan Tokhang, hit by some sectors for the about 6,000 people who died from drug buy-busts, including those from the side of law enforcement.

Mayor Abalos said barangay officials have been playing critical roles for their communities, including in fighting criminality and the drug trade.

“By the way I was talking to my son, our SILG now, that they are creating a task force (against illegal drugs) that will involve all government agencies from the highest to the lowest like the barangay unit.

Half of the barangays in Mandaluyong had been declared drug-free in the past few years.

“Always remember that the Mandaluyong progress was due to stable peace and order and that we are proud of it,” Abalos said, ordering city police chief P/Col. Gauvin Unos to immediately adopt the DILG anti-narcotics program.

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