The Business Boom of the ZTL Group of Companies

The Zafiro T. Lauron (ZTL) Group of Companies is generally chaired by Atty. Zafiro T. Lauron who is an expert in Law and Business Development. He graduated from San Beda College in 1983 and completed his Bachelor in Arts degree from the University of San Agustin (U.S.A.) in Iloilo City with the distinction of Cum Laude. A professor of Law at the San Beda College of Law and former lecturer at St.Joseph’s College and Kalayaan College, both in Quezon City. He sits on the Board of several prominent local companies. He was a consultant of the House of Representatives, Congress of the Philippines, for 11 years from 1987 to 1998.

The Zafiro T. Lauron (ZTL) Group of Companies is incorporated by various entities including but not limited to Law Firm, Consultancy and Collection, Business Process Outsourcing, and Marketing and Sales. The ZTL group of companies has set its foot forward in expanding its horizon planning to dominate the business industry and opening doors for more clients and partnerships ahead.

The Lauron Delos Reyes And Partners Law Firm
The Lauron Delos Reyes And Partners Law Firm was established in 1993 by lawyer Zafiro T. Lauron, and another Bedan lawyer, Ben Delos Reyes, the firm was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1997. The company’s prominent clients include San Miguel Corporation, the biggest business conglomerate in the Philippines and the biggest food and beverage company in Southeast Asia.

Atty. Lauron’s Law Firm has also specialized in property, representing some of the biggest names in property development, including SMC, JAKA Properties,the Federal Land, Inc., the property arm of the Metrobank group of Taiwan, George Ty, and the property sector of the Philippine National Bank (PNB). The Lauron Delos Reyes and Partners Law Firm does not stop there, they also serve Fortune Cement, Crew Development Corporation (formerly Mindoro Exploration), Citibank N.A. and HSBC. Since 1999, the firm has represented HSBC, and since 1998, it has represented Citibank. Locally, the firm handles Metrobank and PNB. Clients included Security Bank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Union Bank, Land Bank, and the Bank of Commerce. The Firm also serves the telecom sector, including the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), Smart Communications, Globe of Telecoms Sun Cellular, and Digital Communications Inc. and PAG-IBIG.
In the 2010 election, the firm represented Senators, Congressmen, and Governors, including Sen. Tessie A. Oretta, the aunt of our incumbent President Noynoy Aquino and sister of our national hero, Ninoy Aquino, and H.E. Joseph Estrada. Atty. Lauron manages the firm with 14 other lawyers, the majority of whom are San Beda or U.P. Law graduates. Non-lawyer employees conduct legal and non-legal research, secretarial work, decision or resolution implementation, mortgage foreclosures, collections, mail, and files. Former Philippine Solicitor General General Justice Roméo Dela Cruz is its “counsel.”

The Lauron Delos Reyes And Partners Law Firm offices are located in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Boracay. CCTV cameras, voice loggers, and automation are installed in the offices in Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo.

Lauron and Santos Consultancy and Collections, Inc.

Lauron and Santos Consultancy and Collections, Inc. stands as the flagship collections arm of The Law Firm of Lauron Delos Reyes and Partners, Inc. LSC was established in 2021 when Atty. Zafiro T. Lauron and Makairog “Mac” D. Santos, Jr entered into a partnership to benefit from each other’s strengths and capabilities.

Both partners are regarded as subject matter experts in the field of collection and remediation. Atty. Lauron, a pioneer in the collections industry, having established himself as a reliable and able service provider for over thirty (30) years now. Mac Santos spent almost twenty (20) years of his corporate life with Citibank doing in-house and agency collections management. Together, they gave birth to a strong and reliable organization in LSC who is now servicing clients in the telecommunications, housing and banking sectors, leading competition in performance and compliance.

The team operates under the mission, “SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY. EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTION.” Highly-motivated members of the team are reinforced by well-structured business processes fit to match every client’s unique requirement. Its head office is located in Anonas, Cubao, Quezon City with branches in major cities such as Pampanga, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao.

Pernix Growth Solutions, Inc.

The Pernix Growth Solutions, Inc. is a Marketing and Sales sector of Zafiro T. Lauron (ZTL) group, chaired by Atty. Zafiro T. Lauron and its President and CEO Mr. Briann Alix. It’s inaugurated in August 2022 and acts as a catalyst for growth and revenue generation for all the ZTL companies and clients. At the present, Pernix Growth Solutions, Inc. is servicing various clients including but not limited to Lancaster Hotel Manila, Lauron and Santos Consultancy and Collections Inc, Bariotik Kitchen, Sushi Fix Manila, Lim’s Palace Chinese buffet and Samgyup BBQ Barn. As forecasted to start a new partnership for the next few months, its exceptional service will extend nationwide supporting other partners in Metro Manila and VisMin areas.

Pernix advocates to give a halo effect for all its clients by building positive impressions of the brand to positively influence one’s opinion or feelings in other areas or services. It aims to increase and build awareness which helps to convert potential leads into actual customers. The firm gives an impact holistically on both Traditional and Digital marketing based on conducted market research on what is the best marketing plan specifically on its client’s objective.

For Zafiro T. Lauron (ZTL) Group of Companies business and collaboration inquiries, please message or call Loremyr Gabi, Business Development Manager, through 09664591302 or [email protected]

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