P4 diesel, kerosene looms

Budget pain Conductor of a modern jeepney collects fares which are bound to rise after the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board approved a new round of fare increases. | PHOTOGRAPH BY ANALY LABOR FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

After last week’s increases, pump prices are expected to have another rollback of P4 per liter for both diesel and kerosene.

Industry sources said diesel prices will fall from P4.39 to P4 per liter, while the price of kerosene is seen to be reduced by 20 centavos to P4.40 per liter.

The easing in prices was attributed to lower costs in the world market despite the start of the winter season in the Western Hemisphere when demand for fuel spikes.

Gasoline prices, on the other hand, may stay the same or decrease by as much as 30 centavos.

Department of Energy-Oil Industry Management Bureau director Rino Abad confirmed the possibility of the rollback, but not as high as expected.

Abad disclosed that the price decrease may only be around P2.50 to P3.00 per liter for diesel, while for kerosene, it will be “around P3 per liter.”

Fares set to increase

The decrease in pump prices came as public utility vehicles were allowed fare adjustments, as the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, on 16 September, had approved fare increase requests of operators for jeepneys, buses, taxis, and Transport Network Vehicle Service.

A provisional P1 increase was granted for traditional public utility jeepneys and modern public utility jeepneys for the first four kilometers, bringing the minimum fare for traditional jeeps to P12 and modern jeeps to P14.

Public utility buses will have an additional fare for each succeeding kilometer of 40 centavos for ordinary buses, 45 centavos for air-conditioned buses, and 35 centavos for provincial PUBs.

The fare for the succeeding kilometer run for ordinary PUBs will become P2.25 from P1.85, P2.65 from P2.20 for air-conditioned PUBs, and P1.90 from P1.55 for provincial buses.

The LTFRB said it approved a P5 increase in the flag-down of taxis and TNVS. The minimum fare for taxi and sedan-type TNVS will be P45, while AUV and SUV-type TNVS will adjust to P55 and hatchback-type TNVS to P35.

The 20 percent discount for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and students, meanwhile, will still be effective.

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