Negros aroma travels to Makati

Today, Mount Kanlaon still harbors a good number of endemic wildlife species, both flora, and fauna.

September 17, 2022

Residents of Metro Manila will have a rare chance to enjoy the “aroma” of Negros Islands once the Negros Trade Fair is held this coming 21 to 25 September 2022 at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City.

Each time you drink a cup of “Fresh Start’s Organic Coffee,” you are getting the best locally grown coffee while helping out the local producers and the environment all in one.

These organic coffee beans are grown at the foot of the Mount Kanlaon volcano in Negros Island, under its shaded trees and rich volcanic soils.

Mount Kanlaon is the highest peak in Central Philippines and is considered one of the few remaining wilderness areas in the country.

Today, Mount Kanlaon still harbors many endemic wildlife species, both flora and fauna.

Shaded-grown coffee is part of the understory of the beauty of the rainforest’s natural environment.

Mount Kanlaon Organic Coffee offers a high-toned aroma. In the cup, it is smooth and creamy in mouthfeel, full-bodied, and complex yet well balanced in flavor with a long and flavor-saturated finish.

Negrense native

Negrense Native Organic Coffee is a single-origin coffee nurtured in selected organic shade-grown coffee farms of Negros Island.

This native coffee has its roots way back in history.

Negrense would start their mornings brewing dark roasted native Robusta beans in the old-fashioned way to awaken their senses and keep them active throughout the day.

Perfect for every coffee lover who wants that extra perk-up and adores an intense coffee taste — the Negrense taste.

Negrense Native Coffee is deeply rich and lively in aroma. Its thrilling, intense flavor in the cup will give you that extra kick combined with its silky mouthfeel and round finish.

We will also bring our raw and all natural sweeteners to the Negros Trade Fair.

Remember, folks, FreshStart Shade-Grown coffee will be available soon at the Negros Trade Fair at the Glorietta Mall.

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