Lawyers’ code bans unverified online posts

The proposed change imposes the ‘responsible use’ of social media, including a ban on sharing false information.

September 17, 2022

A proposed revision to the Code of Professional Responsibility for lawyers will ban them from posting false and unverified information on social media.

This new regulation the Supreme Court is presenting in a nationwide Ethics Caravan will ensure that all information disseminated by lawyers are verified.

The proposed change imposes the “responsible use” of social media, including a ban on sharing false information.

The proposal to parts of the code was published in the Facebook page of Fiscal Fred Nojara.

“A lawyer shall ensure that his or her online posts uphold the dignity of the legal profession and shield it from disrepute, as well as maintain respect for the law,” the new section reads.

“A lawyer shall not post, share, upload or otherwise disseminate false or unverified statements, claims, or commit any other act of disinformation,” it added.

Lawyers also cannot use alternative or fake accounts to escape liability.

“Nice proposal. However, this Sec. 40 might be an overkill suppressing the lawyer’s freedom of expressing their own opinions. I think a professional may at his/her own volition post their own opinions on certain things,” one comment said.

Nojara said this is the price of being a lawyer since their professional and private lives are subject to restrictions.

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