Botanika ushers space profusion, wellness

Photographs courtesy of Filigree

September 17, 2022

Associated with its mantra to usher in more space, privacy, and exclusivity, living spaces provider Filigree’s Two Botanika even offers an abundance of nature and space after partnering with top-notch and world-class design consultants to offer amenities with the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Luxury real estate developer Filigree assures that all their edifices will respond to clients’ pleasure — whether it’s in building homes in strategic locations, or designing carefully thought-out dwellings — all these essential qualities have long been part of its design blueprint, as mirrored in its sizeable portfolio of residential developments — from high-rise and mid-rise condominiums to horizontal villages.

Continuing to set Filigree apart from other developers is the sequel to its flagship project, Two Botanika, the newest addition to the real estate brand’s crafted communities, which also bears its signature qualities: Prime and central location, superb artistry, convenient access to nature, still with central focus on the living experience and wellness, but this time offering a new product type.

“Botanika continues to grow with the completion of its second tower,” says Daphne Sanchez, Business head for Filigree. “While it carries all the great facets of Tower 1, Two Botanika also presents a renewed experience with additional building features to cater to a wider market.”

Two Botanika is carefully designed to seamlessly incorporate a genuinely green and sustainable lifestyle.

Every feature of Two Botanika is carefully designed to seamlessly incorporate a genuinely green and sustainable lifestyle, being a four-star Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence development.

Two Botanika showcases more unit space offerings, widening the variety with one-bedroom units at a generous size of +72-84 square meters, and four-bedroom bi-level units of +322 square meters, complete with grand ceilings and spacious balconies that bring in a refreshing ambiance.

All units at Two Botanika will have deeper lanais, allowing continuous transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and bringing the outdoors closer to the residents.

Further enhancing these sustainable living spaces are a slew of carefully curated amenities, purposefully designed for the resident’s wellbeing. To complement the existing amenities of Tower 1, Two Botanika will also be home to a fitness gym and a Sky Lounge, which provides spectacular views of Filinvest City.

Its overall design is a work of art by famed Andy Locsin of Leandro V. Locsin with Bill Higgins of Architecture International

Masterpieces of distinguished designers

As a symbol of excellence in the luxury real estate segment, Filigree taps only the best in the industry to bring to life its exacting requirements, as Two Botanika is no different as the real estate developer enlisted the expertise of top-notch architects and designers.

Two Botanika’s overall design is a work of art by famed Andy Locsin of Leandro V. Locsin with Bill Higgins of Architecture International who was inspired by Filigree’s commitment to building in a responsible way.

“It is going back to the simple things — a beautiful garden, bumping into your friends, feeling part of a community, feeling safe and breathing good air,” Locsin said. “Safety, nice people, good air. That is true luxury. People are discovering that.”

Taking cues from these master planners is Tina Periquet, principal architect of Periquet Galicia Inc., who oversees space planning and interior designing for Two Botanika model units and the Filigree Showsuites.

The property showcases more unit space offerings, widening the variety with one-bedroom units.

“As an interior designer and space planner of residential structures, I see my job as more than making places out of spaces. My ultimate task is to curate experiences in the home,” she said.

In planning the units of Two Botanika, Periquet aimed to capture the sense of community that’s healthy and open, adding, “It’s very much in keeping with the overall idea of being in a healthful place where you can just relax and not feel confined the way you normally would in a condo tower. There is a sense of expansiveness, openness, actual ventilation, and daylight.”

To bring to life and accentuate the designs of Locsin and Periquet, Isabelle Miaja added a beautiful selection of art and furniture pieces for Botanika Nature Residences’ common areas.

“When we design, we build every project around a storyline that is connected to the place, the people, and its art — the whole cultural background,” she said.

But with Two Botanika, Miaja had to reinvent the pieces to give them a new twist, as Periquet underscores, “With Two Botanika, there is also a city feel in another sense because the structure is sharp and crisp. But organic and beautiful classic lines are also combined here.”

Two Botanika is nestled in the most exclusive area of Filinvest City, Alabang’s garden central business district that is named the first and only township in the country with multiple green certifications with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold in Neighborhood Development certification from the United States Green Building Council and BERDE from the Philippine Green Building Council. Being in a walkable garden city means residents can have convenient access to all of life’s essentials, from world-class medical facilities and multinational businesses to shopping and commercial centers, and prestigious educational institutions.

From its strategic location to its enviable partnerships with prominent designers to bring to life top-quality designs, Two Botanika, is another project that proves that Filigree remains unmatched in delivering only the best residential projects to the discriminating few.

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