‘Hue’ don’t need to worry

Enhyphen’s Jungwon sporting red locks. | Photograph courtesy of hybe

Changing your hair color takes a lot of effort, especially when it comes to maintaining its striking, just-got-out-of-the-parlor look.

Whether you feel the need to dye your hair for a change or just to match with your K-pop idol, here are life hacks to keep those locks looking vibrantly beautiful.

1. Know your weapon. Look for the best hair care products that best suit your hair color.

To avoid your brown dye from getting brassy, use purple shampoo. It contains ingredients that will neutralize yellow undertones. This shampoo is best for blonde hair colors and is suitable for golden highlights and brunettes.

2. Less is best. The best way to care for your hair, bleached or not, is to not wash it as often.

Natural oils produced by the scalp help maintain healthy hair. In addition, hair dye will most likely fade quickly if the hair is washed daily.

3. Opt for a cold bath. As the famous metaphor goes, “test the waters” when washing dyed hair. Best to use cold tap water because, unlike hot water which opens up the hair’s surface and allows the dye to wash out quickly, cold water does the opposite.

4. Air dry. Hair drying also contributes to how well-colored hair can last.

Using hot hair blowers, iron, or curlers may fade the colors away. As much as possible, avoid the heat, and just air dry it!

5. Say no to chlorine. Chlorine may harm your hair’s color and leave it dry and frizzy.

If you can’t avoid swimming, the best trick is to wash your hair with cold, unfiltered water before dipping into the pool.

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