An emerald for Oro China

September 13, 2022

The recent emerald anniversary of Oro China at the Waterfront Hotel proved to be an unforgettable glamorous affair. For days, it was the most-talked-about event of the town, owing to the fabulous evening gowns designed  by our most-desired fashion couturiers and, of course, the coveted pieces of exquisitely-crafted and stunningly beautiful jewelry.

Among the standouts were vibrant blue sapphires, ornamented with intricate diamond cuts, all clasped in a classy white gold setting flaunted by Steffi Aberasturi, Miss Universe Philippines 2021 2nd runner-up, in a Jun Escario original.

Joy Uy and Tessie Javier.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Miss Universe Philippines 2021, dramatic in black and white by Cebu’s fashion icon Philip Rodriguez, impressed the audience with her diamonds with deep emerald stones meticulously crafted into a gem of elegance and grace,  thus honoring  Oro China’s illustrious history.

Nicole Yance Borromeo, Miss International Philippines 2022 in a Mike Yapching masterpiece, was unequivocally gorgeous in statement chain links encrusted with brilliant diamonds in a daring rose gold setting.

Jennifer Viloria Ty, COO of Oro China.

Kris Tiffany Janson, Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2014 in a striking red and orange two-piece outfit by Hanz Coquilla, was breathtaking in an artful, cascading  floral arrangement in  gold setting.

Statuesque model Fern Anderson, dramatic in a Protacio original, wore intricately—made designs that were embellished with lustrous diamonds set in a classic white gold setting.

Bee Urgello, utterly alluring in a draped bottler green gown with oversized pads and sheer bodice  by Rei Escario, exhibited layers of dazzling diamonds complemented with bright yellow sapphire accents.
Among the beautiful Cebuanas spotted in awe of the bright fashion and jewellery extravaganza were philanthropist Mariquita Yeung, architect Tessie Javier, yoga guru Mary Deen, golfer Maripaz Perdices, columnist Nelia Neri, furniture exporter Nora Muntuerto and Tourism Commissioner Butch Carungay.

Oh yes, the evening saw the crowd of women — and believe it or not, a trickle of gentlemen — wearing notable pieces of jewelry as a self-expression that exudes simplicity and elegance.

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