In praise of Queen Elizabeth II

September 10, 2022

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era in a world that has seen the triumph of human spirit, as well as great moments of sadness and challenges.

Through the best and the worst of times, she remained steadfast in her love and compassion for her subjects, celebrating with them as much as sharing in their sorrow.

As a mother and grandmother, she set a good example to her children and grandchildren and the rest of the royal family in fulfilling her royal duties.

Her subjects looked up to her for inspiration and consolation, and stood behind her through many personal and national upheavals. She will be missed for her compassion, reassuring presence in the national life of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries, and the many pleasant and charming circumstances where she showed her humanity and sense of oneness with her people.

Her legacy of steadfastness as the Queen and her constancy in serving as a rallying point for her subjects will always be remembered, and for which the UK will always be grateful.

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