Mad over chocolatey ensaymada

Photographs by Maria Thenesse Cornelio for the daily tribune ensaymada, when smothered with Malagos Chocolate sauce, produces a mildly bittersweet taste perfect for non-sweets lovers.

September 8, 2022

Filipinos are known for being food lovers and for being creative. These are easy to see in our cuisine. In fact, some of our famous viands like adobo and lechon have variants depending on occasion and location. The same may be said of breads.

Based on the book Panaderia: Philippine Bread, Biscuit and Bakery Traditions by Amy Uy and Jenny Orillos, ensaymada started gaining popularity during the Spanish period. The pastry is described as “a coiled bread laden with fat such as lard, butter, margarine, oil, or a combination of these.” Over the years, the ensaymada has had different variations.

Katherine’s Café, a locally-owned comfort food spot, recently made a fresh and original tweak. Imagine their classic cheddar-filled, fluffy, and mildly sweet ensaymada paired with a Malagos Chocolate sauce, a Davao-sourced cacao variant. This pairing is called Ensaymadness. The sauce is rich, bittersweet, and creamy.

Katherine’s Café Glorietta 3 branch.

To have a new offering of their best-selling ensaymada, said Abby Borja, marketing director of Katherine’s Café under the R2 Group of Exclusive Lifestyle Brands, Katherine’s Café developed the unique pairing featuring the Malagos Chocolate sauce. As a result, the ensaymada, when smothered with it, produces a mildly bittersweet taste perfect for non-sweets lovers.

Can’t decide which drink to go with it? Both hot and cold coffee, even a shake, are good choices.

Ensaymada is best paired with a vanilla shake.

Established in 2018, Katherine’s Café is a homey place where food is best enjoyed with family and friends. It now has four branches — Glorietta 3 (Makati City), Vertis North (Quezon City), Ayala Malls Manila Bay (Parañaque City), and opening this September, Alabang Town Center (Muntinlupa City).

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