House ICT OKs SIM registration

September 8, 2022

Navotas City Representative Toby Tiangco happily announced yesterday, that the Committee on Information and Communications Technology approves the House Bill 14, the bill that seeks to make the registration of SIM cards mandatory.

“Since mobile phone-aided crimes such as scam text messages or voice phishing are spreading, we have seen the importance of registering the SIM cards we are using,” according to Tiangco.

He also said that through this, scammers can be traced more easily and data breaches can be avoided.
Registration of SIM cards will also help in solving crimes involving the use of mobile phones.

“While this is not yet a full law, let’s be careful. Do not immediately believe the texts or calls we receive that ask for our personal information such as bank accounts,” added the representative.

Also, beware of those pretending to be relatives or acquaintances who ask for any amount.

“Scammers are cunning, so let’s be more wise and careful,” Tiangco said.

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