Why wear perfumes?

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Perfume completes an outfit of the day. Believe it or not, some people first notice how one smells instead of what they are wearing.

The olfactory system, or sense of smell, helps people enjoy life and, at the same time, alerts one of unusuality.

Scientific institute Monell Chemical Senses Center earlier found that people judge a person based on how they smell instead of how they look. The study suggests that using scented products such as perfume can alter how people perceive one another.

Lead author and cognitive neuroscientist Janina Seubert said that odor pleasantness and facial attractiveness integrate into one joint emotional evaluation, which may indicate a common site of neural processing in one’s brain.

Photograph courtesy of pexels/ron lach
Perfume completes an outfit of the day.

It is important to consider smelling nice in your everyday routine. If you are still not convinced, here are five more reasons to wear perfumes:

It enhances your mood. The right perfume will always bring you good vibes, no matter what day it is. Beverly Hawkins of West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy said there are certain scents that boost your mood such as lemon, lavender, jasmine, and cinnamon.

Adds confidence. Choosing a scent that fits your personality and knowing that you smell good instantly boosts your confidence and morale.

Promotes better sleep. Scents have therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health. Lavender scent is the most recommended to for sleep.

Boosts health. Perfumes can also contribute to defusing stress and other bad feelings.

Triggers memories. We tend to associate perfumes to people and events. So certain fragrances make us feel nostalgic.

Be careful of the scents though, because it can trigger some unwanted feelings or others such as headache, nausea, and asthma attacks. Make sure to use appropriate fragrances on specific occasions.

While perfumes can be really expensive, no need to break the bank. There are still local brands that have the same quality as the high-ends.

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