Golden Haven Cebu highlights beautiful scenery


August 31, 2022

Truly, no province in the Philippines exudes an image of prestige and progress as Cebu does. Metro Cebu, for one, is now a striking blend of modern industry, urban development, and a deep reverence for its rich traditions and history. It is this balance of culture and commerce that Cebu derives its charm from.

To date, Cebuanos take pride in the province’s natural attractions that include pristine beaches, island getaways, and vast expanses of greenery, as well as the sight of majestic mountains rising in the horizon. It is not a surprise, then, that Golden Haven, a renowned name in the Philippine deathcare industry, chose Cebu as the site of the country’s most beautiful memorial park.

Golden Haven Cebu is a mountaintop-sanctuary-inspired memorial property that sprawls on rolling, grassy terrain amid nature’s bounty. It’s a picturesque haven — all 13 hectares of it — that inspires nostalgia and the loveliest memories of the dearly departed.

Located on Binaliw Road, Golden Haven Cebu features manicured gardens and lush landscaping that harmonize with its Italian-inspired amenities like the Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill, the Garden Plaza, and the Imperial Gardens. The latter offers zen-like tranquility for visitors who need to destress as they savor its soothing breeze and stoke memories of loved ones who have gone ahead.

Park visitors can linger at Golden Haven Cebu’s enchanting Butterfly Garden, and take a calming break in an open green space abundant with flowers and the butterflies that thrive around them.

Meanwhile, the classic design aesthetic of Golden Haven Cebu is reflected in its Italian- and Chinese-inspired amenities. The Moon Gate, for instance, is an East Asian-styled structure that serves as a gateway to the island mausoleums.

Three columbaries that house notable religious figures like St. Teresa de Avila, St. Mary of the Child Jesus, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta comprise another major feature of Golden Haven Cebu — the Thereseum.

One popular amenity for guests who want to take a sweeping view of Golden Haven Cebu is the Vatican Deck. From this sky deck’s vantage point, guests can rest their eyes on a panoramic vista of the beautiful park.

All these features ensure that no other memorial property trumps Golden Haven Cebu for long-term reliability and for appreciation value that goes up to an average of 20 percent annually.

And for memorial property investors, Golden Haven Cebu’s close proximity to key landmarks like Gaisano Saversmart Bacayan, Cebu International School, and the soon-to-rise Asian College of Technology further boosts its stock.

As Golden Haven works towards having a memorial park in every Filipino’s hometown, Golden Haven Cebu remains to be one of its most viable investment options — and one of its most serene final resting places, too.

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