ECHO leans on Bennyqt’s Wanwan to survive ONIC scare

ECHO registered its first win of the season following a hard-fought 2-1 victory over a revamped ONIC PH on Week 1 Day 3 of MPL PH Season 10 this Sunday evening.

ECHO looked on its way to a sweep when it won the first game only to see the rookies of ONIC PH make their mark to force a Game 3.

ECHO, touted as a super team because of its Bennyqt, KarlTzy, Yawi, Sanji, and Sanford lineup, opted to play Wanwan, Esmeralda, Yve, Benedetta, and Franco.

ONIC PH, on the other hand, rode the tank jungler meta with its Akai, Dyrroth, Diggie, Clint, and Atlas draft.

The teams fought neck to neck in the tiebreaker game but it was ultimately Bennyqt’s Wanwan that made the difference as he reached a legendary en route to breaking base in 18 minutes.

An MPL player since Season 5, Bennyqt ended the series with an 8/2/5 KDA while superstar jungler KarlTzy scored 2/3/7 with his Benedetta.

“I want to prove that we are not yet done and that the super team can be a champion,” KarlTzy said after the match.

Earlier in the day, MPL Season 6 champion and M2 Mobile Legends world champion Bren Esports scored its first win of the season with an impressive 2-0 sweep over TNC.

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