Probe on recurring power outages sought

The broadcaster-turned-lawmaker also said he will also address high electricity rates in the investigation

Neophyte Senator Raffy Tulfo filed a resolution on Monday seeking to investigate the recurring power outages and rotational blackouts happening in different parts of the country.

Tulfo disclosed that over the past two years, several parts of the country have been plagued by recurring power outages and rotational blackouts, especially the province of Occidental Mindoro.

“When I called for a hearing in aid of legislation, this issue will be resolved. I’m talking about decades (of problems) of power outages. This needs to be addressed,” said Tulfo — who chairs the Senate Committee on Energy.

“The problem is that there is always a power interruption and brownout which lasts from 10 to 12 hours per day. It destroys appliances. Students are having a hard time studying,” he added.

The broadcaster-turned-lawmaker also said he will also address high electricity rates in the investigation.

“These officials from ORMECO (Oriental Mindoro Electricity Cooperative Inc.) have the guts to ask for wage increases and bonuses,” said Tulfo, referring to the lone power distributor in Oriental Mindoro.

The senator added that he would also invite former officials of the Department of Energy in the investigation.

“Former officials who were involved in the Energy department would be summoned too for us to find out why these power issues were never addressed,” said Tulfo. “This has to stop. They can’t just give us excuses forever. In the hearing, they should tell us the problems, one by one.”

Tulfo said the government should only grant franchises to “qualified” electric cooperatives to prevent this kind of problem.

“The government should make sure that these electric cooperatives are qualified technically to run an electric cooperative,” Tulfo said.

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