What’s your color?

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No matter the fashion forecast, there will always be a color that resonates with you. Whether you believe this or not, just think about a time in your life when you felt best wearing a certain hue.

Interior designers have long believed that certain colors can evoke particular moods. Colors can affect your mood, stimulate a reaction or evoke a certain feeling. Let’s call it a vibration.

In the realm of advertising and art, colors send strong messages of passion, action and calmness, to name a few. There’s more: It’s called color psychology. While more research is required to study the extent of its influence on human behavior, colors are accepted by the rest of the world as having the ability to influence human reaction. Let’s take a closer look.

COLORS are a powerful force.

The world of colors

It was in 1666 when Isaac Newton, the English scientist discovered the effect of light entering a prism. The result was the discovery of visible colors. Furthermore, when colors were combined, they produced a unique blend of other colors.

One might ask, why color is such a powerful force. What’s more, it has been universally accepted that specific colors have a meaning such as red and its spectrum of orange and yellow being considered warm colors and tending to evoke strong feelings like passion and anger to warmth and attraction, and blue, green and purple engender calmess, tranquility, healing, sentimentality.
Let’s see the spectrum and their symbolism:

Black: Considered formal, austere, strict
White: Innocence, cleanliness, purity
Red: Courage, passion, love, lust
Blue: Formality, decorum, serenity, peace
Green: Growth, healing, abundance
Purple: Royalty, correctness, sadness
Yellow: Joy, happiness, cheerfulness
Brown: Simplicity, humility, earthly
Orange: Vitality, zest, energy
Pink: Affection, friendship, femininity

The healing arts
In alternative healing, colors are used for various applications. Ancient civilizations applied the use of color for holistic treatments. Known as chromotherapy, certain colors affect the body systems.

Circulation and brain stimulation: Red
Body purification, nerve stimulation: Yellow
Energy levels and lung stimulation: Orange
Pain management: Blue
Skin treatment: Indigo

Your color personality
Is there a color personality? It appears to be so. The personality color code may vary with other tests. In case you may be interested there are several sites you may want to look at. In general, the color types are:

Red. Motivation: Power, Courage
Blue. Motivation: Intimacy, Structure, Order
Yellow. Motivation: Optimism, friendship
White. Motivation: Peace
Orange. Motivation: Progress

Given the appeal and charm of colors, there is no denying that colors can be compelling, charming and charismatic.
Whatever your color choices may be,  know that you are sending a not-so-subtle message to the world each time you choose any color from the rainbow spectrum.
So, what color are you?

Affirmation: “I might be red, but today I choose blue.”
Love and light.
Reference: www.verywellmind.com.

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