‘Joseph the Dreamer’: Theater that resonates with families

‘JOSEPH the Dreamer’ imparts themes of compassion and mercy within the family.

July 31, 2022

The show must go on.

It seems like Covid-19 is no match to the ardent passion of the theater community as Trumpets Inc. revived the riveting musical Joseph the Dreamer at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater in Makati City which runs from 22 July to 7 August.

Based on Cam Floria’s Dreamer: What Really Happened to Joseph, Joseph the Dreamer tackles themes of compassion and mercy.

Penned by Freddie Santos, the musical demonstrates the importance of courage, endurance, and conquering challenges no matter how difficult they may be while upholding a concrete devotion to the Almighty.

SAM Concepcion as Joseph in ‘Joseph the Dreamer.’


I wouldn’t have been able to watch the show if not for Trumpets Inc. president Butch Jimenez. Not knowing the play or the biblical story it adapted, his invitation intrigued me enough that I canceled two meetings that evening. I thought that it could be a breather after tough times. But to my surprise, the experience is more of a revelation than a mere pastime.

I heard from Angeli Pangilinan that many audiences canceled due to the sudden surge of the virus in the metro. Even some media members were expecting the play’s postponement. Nonetheless, the show went on, and I couldn’t be happier with the theater group’s decision. My friend, Mike Chan, said that reopening the theater is a good thing after being closed for a long time due to the pandemic and lockdowns.

You know it’ll end well if it starts well. The play started on time. Theater representatives and ushers were well-organized and enthusiastic. Their well-ordered accommodation were enough to make you feel comfortable throughout the play. Also impressive was the evening’s full-house reception. They managed to contain the crowd and implemented protocols efficiently.

The play was an overwhelming experience. The energetic cast delivered lively, colorful performances. Two of the cast members who stood out for this writer were Gary Valenciano and Sam Concepcion.

Valenciano played Jacob. And kudos to the costume and makeup department, as they did a good job transforming Mr. Pure Energy into someone unrecognizable. His dynamism is like a beacon that cannot be concealed.

Concepcion, on the other hand, compliments Gary V’s performance with his impressive rendition of Joseph. His talent and charisma, which came from his TV and singing career, seamlessly translated into his theatrical skills.

The whole play is like a rainbow filled with kaleidoscopic stories that make up Joseph’s wonderful journey with God. The sets were beautifully crafted and the songs were remarkable. The sound was clear, so the messages were deliberately conveyed. The play also included a sign language interpreter, which is a nice gesture of inclusivity and creativity the theater definitely needs.

All these factors made the experience especially personal to me. The story resonated and the lessons embraced me like an old friend. A couple beside me even cried, and I understand those tears. The play ended with a standing ovation, all cheering and tearing up. We are all captivated by the play, but I know it connected everyone with its story of faith and courage.

According to Jimenez, “We believe God called Trumpets to spearhead the opening of live musical theater after years of being shut down. The decision was tough and the journey even tougher. But by God’s grace, live musical theater is back.”

I consider it a gateway theater production for casual and first-time viewers who are intrigued and yearning for a memorable, heartwarming first theater experience. You shouldn’t worry if you are not aware of its Biblical origins, because the play can stand alone without prior knowledge. It is an honor to witness such a compelling act, as it is the perfect getaway after two years of lockdowns and quarantines.

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