Yellows green with political envy


Yellows hardly complained during the campaign season when their favored Presidents went all out for their chosen candidates for senators.

“Even if some of these Cabinet members… try campaigning for their favored bets, their endorsement power doesn’t quite get voters for whoever they endorse.

These same yellows never complained about the fact that the favored Presidents and their Cabinet members went all-out to campaign for the administration bets using public money, apart from providing projects for these bets, for them to win their seats in the Senate.

Candidates for the House seats have never been a problem for any President, as those who win, despite their not having supported the winning presidential bet, all too suddenly swear allegiance to the new President and become members of the political party of the newly-elected President.

President Duterte had stated earlier he did not want his Cabinet to campaign for any politician in the midterm elections and immediately, his critics, especially the yellow former Commission on Human Rights chair Etta Rosales — scored him for stopping his Cabinet members from campaigning.

She stressed that Duterte should lead by example and stop wasting government time and resources in promoting his candidates.

It is one thing for a President, who is a politician and head of a political party, to endorse and campaign for whoever he favors, but it definitely is another thing altogether if the President’s Cabinet members go all-out to endorse his favored candidates. They are not supposed to be politicians as they belong to the administration and become suspect should they campaign for their favored bets. Chances are high that some government funds from their agencies would be used under some kind of excuse.

These Duterte critics are just too much. They even question why the President has endorsed former Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, saying he still has a plunder case.

That’s really stupid of these critics that makes them look like ignoramuses. Anybody can run and the presumption of innocence holds until the final decision of the Supreme Court or earlier if the anti-graft court acquits Estrada or any other bet facing court cases. They are all still deemed innocent until proven guilty.

Why zoom in on Estrada? Why don’t they zoom in on Leila de Lima who also faces three drug cases? Why do these freaking yellows see her as an innocent victim of “political persecution,” which has no basis at all? She has been charged for her crimes and has not been acquitted. Are they going to complain if Leila is still in jail and decides to run for reelection in 2022, in the same way they complain about Estrada running for a Senate seat?
So, Duterte has endorsed him. Why criticize his choice of bets?

Truth is, Duterte’s bets have more chances of winning their seats compared to the yellow bets who, many believe, won’t make it to the Senate.

But Rosales was not through hitting out at the President, saying he is the “first violator” of the policy he wants to implement among members of the Cabinet and other government workers.

Rosales has been a witness to many past elections and the way presidents have used up government time, and, yes, resources to get his choices elected — and they even allow their bets to campaign for the presidential candidates.

Did anybody hear Etta Rosales and her yellow ilk slamming, say, Noynoy Aquino or his mother Cory Aquino for their ways of campaigning for their candidates? It is hardly a secret that under the Noynoy administration, there certainly was a lot of electoral fraud. Oh, and these critics certainly are aware that a lot of public funds and even drug money were used by the yellow administration to fund the campaign of their administration bets.

If one goes by the earlier testimony of some of the high-profile prisoners in the New Bilibid Prison, Leila de Lima, then Noynoy’s Justice secretary, was claimed to be receiving millions of pesos weekly from drug money from the prisoners to fund her Senate bid.

Did we hear anything from Etta and her ilk and other yellows coming out with their sanctimonious shit?

Quite frankly, it is difficult to understand why all too suddenly these frigging yellows have been scoring Duterte for banning his Cabinet secretaries from campaigning for candidates.

The truth is, even if some of these Cabinet members, on the sly, try campaigning for their favored bets, their endorsement power doesn’t quite get voters for whoever they endorse.

It’s probably different when it comes to a popular President endorsing his preferred candidates. Some of the bets he endorses probably will win elective seats although not all will really make it to their desired elective seat, despite a presidential endorsement.

Leave them be. They have the right to endorse whoever they want and these critics should just shut up. Either that or campaign for their own candidates.

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