Duterte a father figure to Go

Former Special Assistant to the President “Bong” Go congratulates a policeman given the Rafael Crame Balangay award recently. alfonso padilla

Former Special Assistant to the President (SAP) and aspiring senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go turned emotional as he affirmed President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s role as a father figure in his life and a father figure to the Filipino people.

“I saw in President Duterte a father figure who really cares, not only for me but the entire Filipino nation,” Go said Sunday following the successful airing of the special Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK) episode that featured his life story and the role former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte played in it.

The Maalala Mo Kaya biographical episode that was shown on Saturday evening featured the talents of Joseph Marco, who played the role of Bong Go; Meg Imperial, who played Go’s wife, Emmylou; and Phillip Salvador, who played the role of Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

On Saturday evening, the former SAP was the guest of honor at the meeting of PNPA Kaagapay Class of 1996 at the Arcadia Active Lifestyle Center in Davao City. Kaagapay Class is composed of alumni who went on to serve the government and the Filipino people in varying capacities.

I saw in President Duterte a father figure who really cares, not only for me but the entire Filipino nation.

In the meeting, Go pointed out that President Duterte pushed for increases in the salaries of police officers to motivate them to do their duties well.

Having worked with Rodrigo Duterte for more than 20 years, Go knew that the President was a man of his word and one who does not go back on his promises.

Go acknowledged that the increases were necessary as officers of the Philippine National Police are vital in the Duterte administration’s war against drugs and crime.

He also discussed programs he hopes to legislate for the benefit of the people should he be elected for a seat in the Senate, one being the Malasakit Center initiative.

The Malasakit Center, an initiative of the Duterte administration, is a one-stop shop where satellite offices of DoH, PCSO, DSWD, PhilHealth, and other particular government agencies are housed together in one area to ease the process for patients applying for quick medical and financial assistance.

Go, who was integral in setting up the Malasakit Center program when he was serving as the top aide of President Duterte, intends to push a law that would allow the establishment of additional Malasakit Centers in various provincial and urban areas of the country.

Aside from the Malasakit Center, Go has a legislative agenda with programs for agriculture, education, housing, anti-drug and crime, anti-corruption, long-term sports development, localized peace talks, fire protection and prevention, creation of a Department of OFW, barangay welfare, and improved benefits for senior citizens.

Go ended his visit by reaffirming that he and President Duterte fully support the PNPA Kaagapay Class of 1996 and the PNP as a whole.

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