Dumb and dumber


Looks like Vice President Leni Robredo and some opposition senatorial candidates have run out of credible issues to raise against President Duterte for them to denounce the act of a young Chinese woman who threw taho at a police officer at an MRT-3 station.

The 23-year-old Chinese national, who goes by the name of Jiale Zhang, threw a cup of taho at a police officer following an inspection of banned items.

“You are vice president and you can’t even make a distinction between an act of a foreign individual towards one policeman as an insult to the nation and the country?

Zhang is reportedly a student of SOFA Design Institute with her residence in Mandaluyong City. She refused to follow the liquid ban in the MRT. She then argued with stationed cop PO1 William Cristobal and threw the taho at him.

Robredo called the taho-throwing act as “disrespectful.” She even went further, saying the Chinese woman’s move was an “insult” to the nation despite the hospitality extended by Filipinos to Chinese and other foreign nationals in the country.

“It’s not just a disrespect to the police but also to our country,” Leni claimed in her radio show.

That’s a lot of hypocrisy Leni and her opposition bets are showing, as well as their stupidity in equating the taho-throwing incident of a Chinese woman aimed at a police officer to the country and the nation.

For crying out loud, Leni. You are vice president and you can’t even make a distinction between an act of a foreign individual towards one policeman as an insult to the nation and the country?

An offense was committed by the Chinese woman, but that has nothing to do by way of insulting the Filipino people and the Philippines. The policeman may have been insulted by the Chinese woman, but certainly not the Filipinos or their country.

So how come Leni and her yellows applaud instead of denounce the foreign officials who insult our country and its people, such as the human rights international groups and even the UN rapporteurs? Surely, if one act of a Chinese woman against a policeman is disrespect and an insult, then so should these international critics be judged in the same way.

Or is Leni equating a policeman with the Filipino people and their country?

Geez Leni. If one policeman represents the country and the Filipino people, does that make Filipinos and the country “dirty cops,” murderers, extortionists and drug runners since it is also the opposition, including Leni, that has berated the cops in the drug war of Duterte, painting them as the dregs of society?

It is true that there are good and law-abiding policemen as well as rotten and dirty cops.

Surely Leni knows or ought to know that one bad cop does not represent the entire police force, nor, for that matter, does a good cop represent the entire police force and, especially, the Filipino nation and the country. Good cops are good examples, but not representative of the nation.

Don’t show your ignorance, Leni. Such ignorance does not make you a good president or successor to Duterte.

Leni and the political opposition shouldn’t equate one act committed by one foreigner as an insult to the country and the people. It is one Chinese woman who committed the offense by throwing her taho at the cop and Zhang was charged under the law with direct assault, disobedience to an agent or person in authority and unjust vexation.

That is the right thing to do, but for Leni and her yellow group to exaggerate the act and term it as an insult and disrespect toward the country and the people is pretty dumb and too much of a stretch and all to try and spin an individual act as an insult to the nation.

However, this was obviously Robredo’s way of making public her “concern” on what she claims is the “special treatment” Duterte gives the Chinese — in line with the “friendship” that the Philippine government has with China, adding that several unnamed Filipinos have been complaining about jobs that should go to Filipinos but are given to the Chinese instead.

This special treatment, Leni went on to say, may have paved the way for the “disrespect” being shown by some of the Chinese nationals here.

“This is a wakeup call for us. We take care of them, yet we are being disrespected,” Robredo cried, with hypocritical care for the country and the Filipinos.

Not far behind was opposition senatorial candidates partylister Rep. Gary Alejano and former solicitor general Florin Hilbay, who have no iota of a chance of winning a Senate seat, parroting the Leni line, with Alejano claiming Filipinos are becoming “second-class citizens” because of the privilege being given to Chinese.

“This is what happens when our government itself favors the Chinese and calls our country a ‘Province of China,’” Alejano said in a statement.

For his part, Hilbay calls on the authorities to deport the Chinese woman for her unruly behavior.

“We have no reason not to deport a foreigner who treats a Filipino policeman like garbage,” Hilbay said.

No wonder Alejano and Hilbay can’t expect to win seats in the Senate. They prefer bullsh*tspeak, which is trademark yellow and downright stinky.

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