Drunk, trigger-happy


A jeepney driver, identified by police as Richard Manalo, was arrested Saturday for firing a gun at Batasan, Quezon City. The suspect was reeking of alcohol when nabbed.

According to witnesses Norman Vitales, Jerome Bucayu, Mark John Oliquino and George Bañez, the suspect arrived as they were having a conversation at around 12:20 a.m.

Without saying a word, Manalo pulled out a handgun and fired it at no one in particular, prompting the witnesses to gang up on him and call the Batasan police station.

Seized from Manalo was a Colt cal. 45 pistol with three live ammunition. Recovered from the crime scene were three bullet casings and a deformed slug.

Manalo will be charged today with alarm and scandal and illegal possession of firearms in relation to the Omnibus Election Code.

The gun will be cross-checked with the records of the Firearms and Explosives Office of the Philippine National Police.

The PNP is enforcing a gun ban ordered by the Commission on Elections months before the May midterm elections.

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