Military insists on foreign terrorist claim

AFP Public Affairs chief Noel Detoyato

Amid the ongoing probe on the deadly twin bombings at a Catholic cathedral in Jolo, Sulu several weeks ago, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) contended that the perpetrators were possibly Indonesian citizens, a claim disputed by the Indonesian Embassy which is seeking clarification.

AFP Public Affairs chief Noel Detoyato said the military based their claim on the passports recovered from foreigners during their operations while he was still a lieutenant.

“Our previous intelligence reports prove that there are indeed foreigners in some camps that we have overrun,” said Detoyato in a radio interview Saturday. “I have also seen and recovered passports for other countries. So there is really a connection with global terrorists.”

The AFP public affairs chief also noted the dissemination of information about the nationality of the suspects was to forewarn the public that foreign terrorists are indeed entering the country.

“We are just concerned about the national security and the security of our countrymen,” Detoyato said. “We released the information to forewarn that there are really foreigners involved.”

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