Filipinos told: Invest in real estate


Amid the infrastructure boom in the country, insurance firm Manulife Philippines has called on Filipinos to seize opportunities in real estate by investing in the space through their recently launched investment vehicle, the Asia Pacific Property Income (APPI) fund.

“(APPI) is a fund that gives access to a diversified portfolio of exchange-listed real estate investment trust (REIT) across the Asia-Pacific region,” the insurer said.

According to Manulife, the REIT provides average investors the access to allocate their money in assets that are traditionally inaccessible or too pricey if they were investing on their own.

Manulife Philippines president and CEO Ryan Charland said the APPI would allow investors to diversify their portfolios as well as protect their money’s purchasing power.

“With APPI, customers can grow their investments, be protected with life insurance coverage and even enjoy semi-annual payouts,” Charland said.

“It is also a very good instrument to hedge against inflation,” he added.

Moreover, the investment fund gives exposure to REIT in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia while allowing its investors to withdraw profits twice a year.

The APPI is a feeder fund placed in Manulife Asset Management and Trust Corp.’s Asia Pacific REIT Fund of Funds and can be accessed through its single-pay variable insurance products and Manulife China Bank Life Assurance Corporation’s variable insurance products.

“We develop innovative solutions like this (APPI) to make it easier for Filipinos to make financial decisions that will help improve their lives,” Charland concluded.

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