De Lima living it up, says PNP

Detained Sen. de Lima or the Commission on Human Rights have nothing to complain of, says PNP. FILE PHOTO

Contrary to claims by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), detained Sen. Leila de Lima must be living it up inside her detention cell.

A Philippine National Police inspection team sent by PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde to the PNP custodial facility in Camp Crame belied claims by the human rights group that the detained senator “has consistently been heavily guarded and covered by police escorts.”

A 2 February statement of the CHR claimed that the senator has consistently been heavily guarded and covered by police escorts with their extended hands in an attempt to hide her from the public and media during her attendance at court hearings.

“This visual,” CHR spokesman, Atty. Jacqueline Ann de Guia. said “is a stark contrast to how the police handle other high profile personalities accused of crimes.”

It turned out, the current set-up of the detention facility of De Lima satisfied the inspection team sent out by the PNP chief.

According to the findings of the inspecting team, the custodial facility of De Lima has an area of 100 sq.m. with 20.9 sq.m. cell floor area.

It is larger than the United Nation’s recommended measurement standard for a person who is deprived of liberty which is 4.7 sq. m. to 5.4 sq. m.

The inspection team added De Lima has a mini library, mini garden area, space for physical exercises and has a personal staff who caters to her personal necessities inside the facility.
Because of this, PNP Human Rights Affairs Office head, Chief Supt. Dennis Siervo, called the latest claims of CHR as false and malicious.

“After our thorough inspection of Senator De Lima’s custodial facility, we can say that Atty. De Guia’s allegation and pronouncements against PNP are defamatory in nature,” Siervo added.

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