Elephant grabs girl during selfie


An elephant picked up a teen girl posing for a selfie with it and went on a rampage during a country festival in Surin, Thailand on Friday, 8 February 2019.

Nichanat Manucham, 19, was standing in front of the 10-year-old jumbo for a photo when it wrapped its trunk around her leg. She thought the elephant, named Phan Thong, was playing but it then grabbed her body hoisting her in the air and trampling a nearby food stall.

Nichanat grabbed hold of the elephant’s massive ivory tusks as it went berserk – clinging on for her life and preventing the beast from flinging her around or trampling her.

The elephant – agitated by the heat and loud noise – smashed four market stalls while holding the teenager.

After a two-minute rampage the girl wriggled free from its trunk.

Miraculously, she suffered only minor grazes on her right arm and was pictured moments after smiling and talking on her mobile phone to her mother.

Nicharat also apologized for causing a disturbance at the fair.

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