China’s first sci-fi blockbuster dazzles


BEIJING — China’s homemade sci-fi blockbuster, The Wandering Earth, has amazed space scientists and engineers as the country is striving to make breakthroughs in space exploration.

A special screening of the film was held in the Space City in northern Beijing over the weekend for spacecraft crew and developers before its premiere on 5 February the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year.

The film, adapted from Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name, tells a story about how humans, threatened by a dying and swelling sun, erect gigantic engines to propel the planet out of the solar system, setting it on a centuries-long journey in search of a new sun.

In the film, a Chinese astronaut working in an international space station joins hands with his son to save Earth from a collision with Jupiter.

Chinese astronaut Chen Dong, who lifted off with the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft for a 33-day space mission in 2016, said he was thrilled after watching the film.

“The astronaut in the film played a vital role in saving the mankind,” Chen said. “His sacrifice touched my heart. If I happened to face a similar situation, I would definitely make the same decision,” Chen said.

Wang Yaping, a female astronaut who traveled for 15 days on the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft with two male crewmates in 2013, also took part in the screening.

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