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Kris vs Falcis brothers issue

In this age of social media, verbal tussles between conflicted parties get real-time updates especially if it involves Kris Aquino, who is tagged as the Queen of All Media.

There were traces of the rift when Kris started posting cryptic messages about a “financial abuse” and “betrayal” by an unnamed individual in September 2018

The latest in the issue is another statement from Atty. Jesus Ricardo Falcis III. In his Facebook post dated 10 January, the lawyer posted a lengthy statement against Aquino and DivinaLaw, the firm that represents the actress in her ongoing cases against Jesus and his brother Nicardo “Nicko” Falcis II.

NICKO Falcis.

With the heading, “Who crowned Kris Aquino as Queen?” in all caps, the post bore strong comments against Aquino, calling her a “has-been” and “self-proclaimed for branding purposes Queen of All Media.”

About the alleged attempt of Aquino through her lawyers “to intimidate and prevent the media from airing our side,” he said it “is like the gasp of a delusional queen who is afraid of losing credibility and power because her fake image will be unmasked.”

He continued, “Kris Aquino is like a child, in this case an oligarchich spoiled brat, throwing a tantrum because she can’t get her way.”

Falcis said that Aquino “brought it upon herself” when she was the first to “defame” his brother on social media. Their responses where only done in “self-defense.”

Falcis went on, “She started with lies, we’ll finish with the truth.” He accused their camp as “hypocritical” by intimidating the media from covering the event when Aquino invited the press to cover her filing of charges and her “delirious press conference with her so-called Justice League.”

He wrote scathing remarks on her legal counsel. “DivinaLaw should refresh themselves of legal ethics. They should not brazenly lie in their letter and say that every defamatory imputation is presumed malicious. They know, unless they are grossly ignorant of the law, that malice is not presumed in cases involving public figures!

“Maybe DivinaLaw should focus first in protecting Smartmatic in election cases and UST in hazing cases instead of focusing a lot of their time and effort in representing an oligarch,” he added.

Falcis ended his post with, “Stop bullying the media. Stop bullying our family! You are not a Queen and we will not bend the knee.” He included the hashtags, #PABoost, #ResiboGroup and #QueenOfAllPaidMedia.

The hashtags are obvious reference to the allegations of Nicko that Kris asked him to “give funds to anti-administraton/anti-DDS blogs.” One of those alleged blogs is Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB).

Kris rebutted in an Instagram post that she gave Nicko money to boost with “zero knowledge of my brother when my brother went to Congress to protect him from all trolls.”

On Sunday afternoon, 13 January, Atty. De la Cruz sent an email message to the news outfit GMA News Online.

“Our client is still confined in a hospital in Singapore. We will not dignify with any response the side issues which have been raised by the Falcis brothers. These side issues are diversionary tactics meant to blur the real issues. We intend to focus on the cases only,” the article quoted.

Much have happened before in this issue including Nicko’s “fleeing to a foreign country” due to alleged threat on his life as stated in his statement released 4 January published in entertainment website, and Gretchen Barretto liking Nicko’s post related to the issue.

The latter issue easily died after Kris chose not to engage Barretto, the known common-law wife of Tony Boy Cojuangco, her cousin. The actress justified that being scrutinized is part of the territory as a public figure and that she chooses to think to be “chill” to whoever respects her mother, former president Cory Aquino, and her two sons. Gretchen campaigned for Cory during the 1986 snap elections.

The brothers are facing separate cases filed by Aquino. Nicko was charged with 44 counts of qualified theft on 12 October 2018, for alleged misuse of company-issued credit card. Prior to the rift, Nicko was Kris’ business partner and the managing director of Kris C. Aquino Productions. Nicko filed his counter-affidavit before the Office of the City Prosecutor in Manila and refuted the allegations on 3 January.

Jesus, on the other hand, was sued for nine counts of cyberlibel on 22 November 2018 after posting statements against Kris in defense of his brother.

Simmer to boil
There were traces of the rift when Kris started posting cryptic messages about a “financial abuse” and “betrayal” by an unnamed individual in September 2018. The actress has business ventures outside of show business. She has franchises of known food brands including Potato Corner. This business venture allowed her to create her own brand, Nacho Bimby+Potato Corner.

In an article published  in another broadsheet on Sunday, 13 January, it was revealed that Nicko, as Kris’ trustee, invested P40 million in Rocks PC Co. Ltd. (Potato Corner Thailand).

Speaking to Eloi Sy, the article mentioned about the reaffirmation of Aquino as the “beneficial owner” of the P40-million investment under Nicko Falcis’ name. It also mentioned about Kris’ right to vote and right to dividends as part of her 10 percent shares in the company. Sy added that the P40 million is “unaccounted for” and is a “separate issue.”

On 5 January, Kris held a Facebook live session where she spoke about her recent issues and her health concerns. She sat down with her lawyers, Sigrid Fortun, Enrique “Ricky” de la Cruz and University of Santo Tomas Law Dean Nilo Divina.

The Daily Tribune tried to reach for comment from representatives of Kris’ party after this recent development. Atty. Divina, who is also a columnist for the publication, is out of the country. His associate, Atty. De la Cruz, is also out of the country as of this writing.

Kris is currently in Singapore for further diagnosis and treatment of her condition. She was diagnosed to have chronic spontaneous urticaria, a form of autoimmune disease, in late 2018.

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