Imported chicken ruffles locals

Local chicken raisers reel under the relaxed chicken import policy of the Department of Agriculture. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The United Broiler Raisers’ Association (UBRA) on Saturday lamented the influx of imported chicken in the country, blaming the foreign stock of causing huge losses for the local poultry industry.

UBRA president Jose Inciong said the “record-high” chicken imports have hurt the local sector, citing financial losses by the local chicken businesses in the country.

“We are hurt by the importation of chicken and huge losses have been incurred since September last year,” Inciong said.

He added the removal of the special safeguards under the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the poultry industry opened the gates for imported chicken to flood the local market.

“We have much local supply on chicken, but it was hurt by the influx of imported poultry,” he said, stressing that while the prices of chicken may have decreased, the consumers did not benefit from it.

He added that economists should have asked the local sector first on how to address the effects of inflation rather than implementing zero tariff on chicken imports.

Inciong said UBRA will have an emergency meeting to discuss the matter further.

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