Five most bizarre food to eat for jungle survival



This sticky and jumping amphibian found near the swamps is edible. In fact, it is one of the many accepted meals in the culture of Japanese and Chinese people and they consider it as delicious as other normal food they eat.


Grasshoppers can be an alternative snack for a hungry stomach. Just like meat, these green insects with wings and antennae are rich in protein that can help supply a good amount of energy in your body.


Swift forest rats can also be a substitute meal that often live underground. Similar to grasshoppers, it can act as a source of protein to your body.

Bug larvae

Although they may appear sticky and disgusting, bug larvae can definitely save you from the trouble. The bugs can be spotted inside rotting logs or decomposing trees and it can be eaten raw or cooked.


Believe it or not, vicious snakes can be a replacement to your usual meals. However, they can still get dangerous so make sure to remove its head before turning them into a whole new dining experience.

Despite the fear and unpleasant reaction that one may have towards these exotic animals, they can turn a life-and-death situation upside down by providing an alternative and consumable food to travelers and adventurers alike.

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