‘We are getting better’

A PRC volunteer attends to a Black Nazarene devotee during the Traslacion 2019. (Facebook photo)

Some 1,634 persons, including 62 individuals who sustained major injuries, were attended to by over a thousand volunteers and a fleet of life-saving assets of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) at the height of Traslacion 2019.

The staff and volunteers who manned 12 aid stations and an outdoor hospital during the procession of the Black Nazarene from Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo Church were lauded by PRC chairman and Sen. Richard Gordon.

“We are getting better every year. Our staff and volunteers are highly experienced, equipped, and trained. These trainings have resulted in saving the lives of devotees of the Black Nazarene,” Gordon said.

The lawmaker monitored the organization’s operations from the PRC Operations Center.

PRC attended to 603 patients who experienced minor problems like fainting, low blood sugar, muscle spasms and swelling and bodily wounds like abrasions and punctures.

The 62 major cases included severe breathing difficulty, laceration, body weakness, bruises, and suspected dislocation or fractures. Twenty-seven patients were transported to partner hospitals.

A total of 747 patients requested for blood pressure monitoring and 197 individuals were provided psychosocial support.

“We treated all conditions seriously. Minor cases could have worsened if proper actions were not taken,” Gordon added.

Over 1,000 staff and volunteers from the National Headquarters and eight chapters in Metro Manila were mobilized as early as 7 January, he said.

The first aid stations were increased to 12 from last year’s nine. In total, PRC mobilized 50 ambulances along the path of the procession, with three rescue boats, an amphibian, a firetruck, a rescue truck, a 6×6 truck and two Hummer vehicles.

Nineteen welfare desks were also set up to provide psychological first aid and assist in locating missing persons.

Aside from the first aid stations, PRC also deployed an outdoor hospital to provide advanced treatment like emergency surgery.

A PRC Volunteer's first time at the Traslacion 2019

For Ms. Jemille Villanueva from Pasig-Pateros Branch, PRC Rizal Chapter this will be her first time to serve as a PRC volunteer during the Traslacion. She has been involved with the Red Cross for only about 3 months and yet she chose to volunteer in one of the busiest days of the year. "Iba ang fulfillment na mararamdaman mo kapag nakatulong ka sa ibang tao", she said.Ms. Jemille is one of the 1000+ staff and volunteers that were deployed by the PRC during the #Traslacion2019. These are the people who unselfishly devote time, energy and resources in service to humanity. If you want to know more on how to be a volunteer for the Red Cross you may contact the Philippine Red Cross at 790-2373 or send an email at volunteer@redcross.org.ph#PRCTraslacion2019

Posted by Philippine Red Cross on Friday, 11 January 2019

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