Too late to save face


One — especially legislators — can only take so much of today’s babbling from vindictive House Majority Floor Leader Rolando Andaya Jr.

It is therefore not surprising that, according to press reports, a group of President Duterte loyalists are said to be taking action by voting to dislodge Andaya from his present position by Monday.

As the report went, the move is in connection with Andaya’s moves that “subvert” the President’s legislative agenda, stressing that Malacañang is being destabilized with the majority leader’s “non-stop maneuvers” to delay the already delayed approval of the 2019 budget bill.

Any which way one tries to cut it, Andaya used his position and the non-issue of the allegedly corruption-filled flood control project in Sorsogon and, even worse, he has done nothing by way of his job as majority floor leader as he has focused all his bile on Budget Secretary Ben Diokno, who clearly has nothing to do with such projects and contractors.
Yet, he continues to link Diokno through the in-laws of his daughter, a link which is a preposterous accusation.

If truth be told, many of the House legislators are more than tired over the daily accusations of Andaya against Diokno, and the majority floor leader has been found to be hurling baseless accusations and blatant lies.

Just a few days ago, Andaya had the nerve to claim that Ombudsman Samuel Martires found red flags in his investigation of the corruption-filled flood control project, but this was quickly denied by Martires who was quoted as saying, “We have not conducted any investigation with respect to the subject matter of the privilege speeches of Sen. Panfilo Lacson and Representative Andaya. As of the moment, we are only in the process of gathering documents.”

Andaya earlier had claimed the Ombudsman “noticed red flags of corruption in the evidence presented and in testimonies made during the hearing” related to the projects in Casiguran, a town Andaya says is not vulnerable to flooding.

Martires said there is no such red flag because he and his investigators had “not been sufficiently educated” on the multimillion-peso insertion into the 2019 budget.

See how much Andaya uses lies to justify his baseless accusations?

It will be recalled that Andaya was virtually claiming he had witnesses to prove the corruption of tens of millions of government money to contractors linked to Diokno through his daughter’s in-laws, something so far-fetched given the fact that, generally, in-laws are hardly close to each other.

There has been no witness presented nor any testimony from them so far who Andaya has claimed would testify against Diokno and his links to contractors and corruption.

The problem with Andaya is that he knows he has made a big mistake in trying to get Diokno out of his job through his attempts to generate the public impression that the Budget head is a very corrupt Duterte official.

Unfortunately for Andaya, he chose the wrong target, who has earned a very clean reputation and unassailable integrity, something which Andaya clearly lacks.

But now, Duterte has made it clear that he is not letting go of Diokno and Andaya has been trying to save face. And now, it is the majority floor leader who is likely to be ousted from his post.

However, Andaya continues to try and save face by responding that he is more than ready to leave his post, claiming that he had earlier made clear that he only wants to serve for six months anyway.

The Duterte ally who calls for the ouster of the majority floor leader said, “Andaya does not deserve to remain a minute longer as House majority leader for committing acts inimical to the interests of the pro-administration coalition and of the Filipino people, especially of the poor who have elected Mr. Duterte to the presidency on the conviction that he would bring about real change and liberate them from generational poverty on his watch.”

In answer, Andaya claimed he will be the first to vote for his relief as majority leader.

“To me, this post is forced labor. I really want to be relieved of my duties as majority leader from the start,” he said.

Andaya explained when the post was first offered to him, he “begged off” numerous times.

“I was recommending my good friend Fred Castro to be the majority leader. I was happy being Deputy Speaker. I said that six months would be the maximum, then please release me.

This job has tied me down in Manila when I should be focusing on Camarines Sur,” he claimed.
Really? This is yet another face-saving gimmick of Andaya.

After all, he does not have to wait long to be relieved. He could easily just resign.
Why doesn’t he? He will be kicked out anyway, and good riddance!

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