Digong ponders total firecrackers ban


President Rodrigo Duterte is seriously contemplating on issuing an Executive Order (EO) that would totally ban the use of firecrackers during New Year’s celebrations throughout the country.

“I will issue the Executive Order at this early as a warning to all. I am banning firecrackers altogether,” the President said in his speech during the turnover of housing units for wounded soldiers and policemen in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

“I will ban firecrackers. I will not allow it anymore. Not even one child deserves to lose his hand. So as a President why would I allow it?” he added.

He also scoffed at beliefs that loud noise created by firecrackers would scare “evil spirits” away.

Mr. Duterte bared that he will ask the Department of Justice to thoroughly study his planned EO.

“I did not order the ban last year because I was aware that they already manufactured the firecrackers. But the law itself is wide open for me to play and I will issue the Executive Order,” he stressed.

Last year, Malacañang urged Congress to pass a law for a total firecracker ban.

So far, only EO 28, issued in June 2017, is in existence which regulates the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics.

Under the said EO, firecrackers are only allowed to be used in selected areas in a community to lessen the risks of injuries and other accidents from happening.

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