Book championing IP launched

CHED Commissioner Dr. Ronald Adamat (Facebook Photo)

A book championing and protecting the interests of the country’s indigenous peoples (IP) was launched by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Commissioner Dr. Ronald Adamat on Friday.

Entitled The Blood Brothers: In the Eyes of the Sun, the book tells about the biography, ethnography and advocacies of IP.

“Through this book, the mainstream society will be able to learn and understand the biography of some leaders of indigenous peoples, know about their ethnography and advocacies,” Adamat said.

So, if the public will be informed, maybe they would change their mindset and views about the indigenous peoples,” Adamat added.

“On the other hand, the book also aims to educate the indigenous peoples that they are also very important segment of the Philippine society in pursuance of national unity and development,” he said.

President Rodrigo Duterte wrote the foreword, stating “for decades, Dr. Adamat has fought for the native Filipino’s rightful place in our nation’s history.”

“The book not only chronicles the complex historical relationship between the Tedurays and the Lumads under Raja Mamalu and the Maguindanaons and other Muslim communities under Raja Tabunaway, but also reveals the various ethnic groups in Mindanao are literally brothers,” the foreword read.

Dr. Adamat is a native of Mindanao and a tribal leader of the Tedurays in Southern Mindanao. His is a descendant of Raja Mamalu and the first PhD holder of his tribe.

In the author’s inspirational note, he explained the reason he decided to write a second edition of his original book, In the Eyes of the Sun: The Indigenous Peoples’ Last Frontier, was because of President Duterte’s “great concern for the cultural minorities.”

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