An intriguing tale of betrayal and revenge

GMA welcomes 2019 with the hit drama “Whisper” starring Korea’s top stars Lee Sangyoon and Lee Boyoung.

GMA Heart of Asia welcomes 2019 with a cutting-edge Korean courtroom drama that will surely redefine weekday mornings beginning this week.

Entitled Whisper, the highly-anticipated Koreanovela revolves around the life of two people fighting together to take down a corrupt system involving the greatest law firm of the nation, Taebak.

Lee Sangyoon plays Miguel Shin, a judge known for his righteousness and honesty. Lee Boyoung breathes life to Diana Shin. She is a hardworking detective whose father was framed for murder.

In the story, Diana hands the evidence that could prove her father’s innocence. She was shocked when Miguel convicts a guilty ruling on her father. Determined to seek revenge, she records a video of her and Miguel, making it look like rape and uses it to blackmail him unless he helps her in getting justice for her father. However, the subsequent turn of events lead them being allies who fight together against corruption.

Whisper started on 7 January after Don’t Dare to Dream on GMA 7.

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