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PHOTO shows (from left) Hindy Weber-Tantoco; Yuval Mann, CEO of LGI Retail, the company that brought Adore Botanicals in the country, with Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Nikki Torres.

One of the biggest hurdles that women face every day is insecurity. It has become a struggle for some women to ignore flaws when they look at the mirror, thinking that they are not pretty, smart, fit and good enough like other girls. It is a constant battle at this age of social media where a simple click or swipe of your fingers can easily make you feel jealous of little things.

Everyone is on their own journey towards self-acceptance. Moreover, we should recognize the reason we are given only one body — it is the one we need to focus on first and love wholeheartedly. To quote lines from “Desiderata,” a poem by American writer Max Ehrmann, “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

“I personally think that it’s a struggle when people associate being beautiful with just the physical. This is you. Set yourself apart and stop comparing,” Bianca Elizalde, owner of the first farm-to-table restaurant The Wholesome Table, said during the launch of Adore Botanicals at Shangri La Plaza. Together with Pam Ylagan, Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Nikki Torres and Cheska Buenaflor, Bianca shared why everyone deserves to be loved and why is it important to celebrate feeling good and looking good.

“Once people learn to genuinely love themselves, that’s the only time they’ll be able to move forward. Because you can’t have a goal if you walk with insecurities and baggage of heaviness. Not loving yourself will never get you to your dreams,” she emphasized. “If you have a dream and you have a goal, that’s where you start. How can I get there? You’ve got to be able to love yourself in order for you to reach that point. It all starts with love and in this case, adoring yourself.”

Adore Botanicals is a US-born brand that is known for introducing a unique way of showing self-love, an opportunity to reward and adore yourself, because everyone deserves it. Adore brought to Manila its roster of products that can be easily mixed and matched to create the ideal regimen for your skin’s needs. The brand also has a men’s line that similarly repairs skin stem cells while protecting them from further damage.

“The fountain of youth may be a myth, but the key to fighting anti-aging and promoting youthful smoothness and luminosity is not,” said Yuval Mann, CEO of Adore. “By harnessing the right properties from plant stem cells, we are able to offer products that help you stop the clock and enjoy the best skin you’ve ever had which not only revitalizes but also promotes adoring yourself because you deserve only the best.”

Adore Botanicals is located at the Level 2 Main of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

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