Politicized audit agency


President Duterte’s attacks have yet again earned the ire of certain sectors of society for his latest criticism of state auditors, but for former Commission on Audit (CoA) Commissioner Heidi Mendoza, who is now with the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight, translates this as Duterte’s way of the CoA having “effectively and truthfully carried out” its duty which is really farther from the truth.

To be candid, the President really should push back on his way of criticizing his enemies, even as he regards these attacks as jokes, although it also must be said that what he says has many times some grain of truth in them — especially when it comes to the highly politicized CoA.

Naturally, the CoA, which is still led by a yellow devotee, as it also was much earlier under the yellow President, Noynoy Aquino, will deny this.

However, even if they deny it until they are blue in the face, the CoA is a highly politicized audit agency. The best example of the agency’s unfair and politicized nature is the former agency commissioner, Heidi Mendoza, as well as the former CoA chair, Grace Pulido-Tan, whose actions were highly questionable and, worse, coming up with a selective audit.

It should be remembered, especially by Mendoza, that it was she, as CoA commissioner, who came up with a fake analysis of the dollar bank account of then sitting Supreme Court (SC) Justice Renato Corona, inflating it from one single dollar bank account with a $1 million deposit to an inflated $12 million under more than 20 dollar bank accounts. And this fake analysis was used by the highly selective and vindictive former Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio Morales, all done to get the House-impeached CJ Corona convicted by the Senate. Both Mendoza and Carpio-Morales, incidentally, committed the crime of perjury, not to mention falsification of bank documents.

The members of Congress were bribed by the vindictive yellow President to ensure the conviction of Corona and make way for fraudulent chief justice, Ma. Lourdes Sereno, whom Aquino envisioned as his protector long after he leaves the Palace.

How then can Mendoza even dare to claim that her former agency’s workers where she worked as a commissioner under the yellow President are doing their job well, when she worked on fake accounts, and always sparing the yellow President, which the present CoA officials continue to do?

Earlier, politics had reared its ugly head, too, when CoA was headed by Pulido-Tan in her way of politically partisan audits that ensured the protection of her yellow patron Aquino and his allies, with her incomplete audits for the Aquino allies and for Aquino and Mar Roxas, zero audit.

At the same time, in such an unprecedented move, the Audit chief, Pulido Tan called for a full press conference, only to point out the three then senators, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla, whom the yellow President saw as his political enemies and threat, were denounced by her with her special selective audit, and the yellows used the three senators as evidence of Aquino’s “success” in ridding the “corrupt.”

As for the other allies of the yellow President, no charges of plunder were ever filed against them. As for the other then yellow senators, not a single one of them was charged at all.

It was at that time when CoA’s Pulido-Tan, then Justice secretary of the yellow President, now detained Sen. Leila de Lima and, of course, the selective former Ombudsman got together to have their coached witnesses to testify. They are the real crooks who protected yellow allies.

And with the three, Pulido-Tan — Heidi Mendoza was by then out of the CoA — plus with De Lima and the Ombudsman, out of their offices, the state audit agency continues to be politicized.

Recall that the CoA has not even lifted a finger to audit the Disbursement Acceleration Program funds of Aquino and his then Budget secretary, which was used as their slush fund and from which they bribed the congressmen and senators to impeach and convict CJ Corona, and all because the then SC chief and his court ruled against Aquino’s family haciendas with an order to parcel the land to their workers.

The Malampaya scam in the tens of billions is now in the courts, but again the yellow President has been spared, despite his having committed the crime of using part of the funds for purposes other than for what the funds are intended.

President Duterte may have used crass language through his equally crass jokes to get his message across, but his words do carry more than a grain of truth.

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