Bello threat won’t fly, says PACC


Embattled Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III lashed out at the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) on Tuesday, threatening to seek the ouster of its commissioner for alleged abuse of authority in an investigation against him and two other Cabinet members.

But the PACC official, Commissioner Manuelito Luna, was quick to the draw, saying Bello’s claims “will not fly.”

In a radio interview, Bello stressed that he did not receive a copy of any complaint against him and only learned of the investigation from news reports after it was announced by the PACC.

“Under the executive order creating the PACC, the investigation should be discreet in fairness to respondents. He is preempting it,” Bello said, referring to Luna. “That is why I’m going to ask the President to dismiss him from office for grave abuse of authority.”

Undaunted, Luna said: “Under EO (Executive Order) 43, we have the mandate to keep the public abreast of the status of complaints. There are no sacred cows in the war on corruption. Bello’s move will not fly,” he added.

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