MMDA’s stiff parking fines on


Today’s the big day when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) implements the charging of higher fines for the illegal parking of vehicles on roads and side streets of the metro.

The penalty rates for illegal parking have been increased from P200 to P1,000 for attended vehicles and from P500 to P2,000 for unattended ones.

For obstructing the road by loading or unloading passengers illegally or disregarding one-way signs, the fine will be P1,000 from P150.

No more “dry-run” as MMC approved measure.

As for yellow lane violators, the fine was raised to P1,000 from P500 for private cars and P300 for public utility vehicles.

The MMDA also announced that motorists who will park outside their homes can be apprehended, with the exception of those who live inside private subdivisions.

According to MMDA general manager Jojo Garcia, some local government units are implementing ordinances that allow parking on one side of the road. However, he made it clear that it is not a license for barangay officials to create their own “paid parking areas.”

Bong Nebrija, MMDA traffic head for Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, urged motorists to follow traffic rules because the penalties had been increased by 400 percent and it will not be a “dry run” starting today.

Garcia revealed that the Metro Manila Council has approved the newly increased rates, which will apply to all public roads, except in subdivisions and roads already covered by existing parking ordinances.

The increase was also part of the MMDA short-term traffic measures to decongest Metro Manila streets. It was supposed to be implemented this month, but the agency decided to move it for today due to the lack of traffic personnel and the need for more time to set up ticketing systems.

The MMDA said there were 26,110 illegally parked vehicles apprehended but were not towed in 2017, up from 20,467 in 2016.

Illegally parked vehicles caught and subsequently towed reached 19,126 in 2017, from 14,222 in 2016.

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