Who’s afraid of ‘Bong Ghost?’

Not a file photo Special Assistant to the People Christopher Lawrence “Kuya Bong” Go is very much alive and was all over Camarines Sur on Friday assisting typhoon “Usman” victims contrary to a fake social media post. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Former Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence “Kuya Bong” Go took in stride an online report he was killed when a Philippine Air Force (PAF) helicopter supposedly crashed in the mountains of Albay over the weekend.

Go confirmed he was in Albay when President Rodrigo Duterte did an aerial inspection last Friday, 4 January, of the damage left by typhoon “Usman,” particularly in Camarines Sur. He also joined the Chief Executive in the distribution of relief goods to displaced residents.

“Now, I am the ghost of Bong Go,” he said jokingly.

The Philippine Air Force (PAF), in a statement, said the social media post was faked “as the photo used was taken from another incident and location not in Albay.”

“We humbly advise everyone to be vigilant and refrain from sharing unreliable news,” it added.

A Twitter post by an account with the handle @AltGovPH claimed Go was on board the PAF chopper that crashed. The photo posted in the Twitter, upon checking, was a screenshot of the chopper crash in Tarlac last 22 November 2018 that injured Coop-NATCCO partylist Rep. Anthony Bravo and several others.

Go stressed that he is alive and well and will continue giving help to those badly affected by the weather disturbance in Bicol.

The former Palace official likewise said he will leave to karma the fate of those who wished him dead.

“This is Bong Go’s ghost you are talking to,” Go told reporters in jest when asked to comment about the report of the supposed crash landing.

“Let’s pray for him. Dis is bong Ghost texting you,” he also said in a text message to reporters and friends. Go was in Quezon yesterday morning as the guest of honor at the grand alumni homecoming of the Recto Memorial National High School.

News fakers go to hell

Go recalled that the President had always reminded him that “when it’s your time to go, then it’s your time to go” and that anyone who ventures into politics “should be ready to die.”
“I’m not afraid to die. If I die serving our fellow Filipinos, I’m willing to die anytime. And I’d be happy if I die serving our people,” Go said.

Jesting again, Go said he had a dream where he was met in heaven by St. Christopher who told him to go back to the land of the living because he still needs to serve his fellow Filipinos.

“But when I went to hell, I was told to tell those responsible for fake news to go there. It appears Lucifer want them there and he is already waiting for them. So, you (maker of fake news) should hasten because Lucifer has prepared a welcome party for you there,” he added.

The Twitter account of anti-Duterte group GovPH(@AltGovPH) posted on 7:36 a.m. on 5 January 2019 saying: “Developing: AFP chopper carrying Bong Go crash landed in Albay.”

Fate up to karma

The post showed a television screen grab of the ABS-CBN report on the 22 November 2018 crash landing of a helicopter carrying Rep. Anthony Bravo and former House Secretary General Cesar Pareja but changed the label to say the AFP chopper bearing Bong Go had crash-landed in Albay.

“Let karma catch up with them. They just inspired me to work even harder,” Go said when asked for his message to his detractor.

The fake news was posted in the wake of the release of the 16 to 19 December Social Weather Stations survey showing Go had climbed to the 14th to 15th rank, tied with former Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa, from as low as 22nd to 27th place in another pollster’s survey in September last year.

While in Bicol with the President on Friday, Go gave relief goods donated by his supporters to various municipalities hardest hit by “Usman,” including Castilla in Sorsogon, Tiwi in Albay and Sagñay in Camarines Sur. The relief goods consisted of rice, canned goods, noodles and bottled water.

The food packages for Mercedes in Camarines Norte and for Catarman in Samar are expected to arrive in the two towns by Saturday.

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